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Professional Activities, July-September 2021

Faculty professional activities for July through September 2021.
Thu Jul 1, 2021

Dr. Tyler M. Argüello, Social Work, has a new publication, "Heteronormativity and Social Work: The What That Dare Not Speak its Name," in a forthcoming international handbook, The Routledge International Handbook of Social Work and Sexualities. This Handbook is the first volume to address the dynamic issues related to sexuality from a social work perspective by providing a comprehensive, current and international overview of issues related to sexuality. It explains how each issue is important and critically discusses the leading views in the area, providing diverse and inclusive perspectives from leading scholars in the field. It will be of interest to students, academics, researchers,and practitioners of social work and related health and social care subjects, and is particularly relevant for practice courses as well as courses on Human Growth and Development and Human Behavior in the Social Environment.

Veronica Hicks, Art, is the recipient of the 2021 National Art Education Association’s, Council for Exceptional Children, and Very Special Arts Peter J. Geisser Special Needs Art Educator of the Year Award. Learn more.

Drs. Eliza Morris and Mikkel Herholdt Jensen, Physics and Astronomy, and Sayonita Ghosh Hajra, Mathematics and Statistics, published an article, "In-class hierarchical team model as a no-cost strategy to improve student success: Integrated peer leadership program." The article describes a new classroom model which combines elements of student leadership, teamwork, and active learning.  Using this model for four semesters in lower-division physics classes at Sac State significantly increased the fraction of students successfully completing the course, especially among students from traditionally underserved groups in science, and also led to higher student learning gains as measured by formative assessments.  The model infers no additional cost or time requirement during the semester, and it is anticipated that the model may be portable to other courses.  The article was recently accepted for publication in Physical Review Physics Education Research, and will be available to view in full at shortly.

Dr. Eliza Morris, Physics and Astronomy, and collaborators published a research article, "Unexpected scaling of interstitial velocities with permeability due to polymer retention in porous media," in Physical Review Fluids. Flow in porous media occurs in many contexts, for example as groundwater filters through porous rock. This research applies both experiments and simulation to demonstrate how polymer retention in porous media changes the permeability by diverting the fluid flow inside the medium. The accepted article ( will be available to view in full online shortly.

Dr. Kikuko Omori, Communication Studies, and Allen, M. R. (2021), published an article, "Narcissism as a predictor of number of selfies: a cross-cultural examination of Japanese and American postings," in Communication Research Reports, 38(3), 186-194. This study investigates the relationship between narcissism and selfie posting using 232 Japanese and 481 American college students. The previous version was presented at the National Communication Association conference.


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